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Dream to Reality draws us into a world where crime enters the realm of fantasy

   Welcome to My Reality


Dream to Reality available in paperback and ebook




     From the early age of sixteen, Alexandra Connell has had horrible dreams of events that have always seemed so vivid and tangible. Recording them in a journal was her only outlet. Growing up, she would shake them off as being nightmares and nothing more. Eight years later, she receives a job offer from a prestigious law firm in Sumner, South Carolina, and decides to move away from her hometown to begin a new chapter in her life.


    Alexandra soon realizes something is amiss when she is assigned the task of summarizing a case file describing a gruesome murder of a young woman two months prior. With vague memories swirling through her mind, she finds herself pulled into the middle of a serial murder investigation and no idea how she got there.


    When her life begins to spiral out of control, she gets help from three unexpected sources. Officer Daniel Ramsay, Officer Xander Kearney, and Detective Daelan Hughes. She must decide who she can trust and figure out how her life has become intertwined with a killer.

Welcome to My Reality is added content for the novel Dream to Reality. Here you can enter the fictional world of Dream to Reality and follow the protagonist Alexandra Connell as her story unfolds, as well as, like, share, and comment.

"I could have stopped it. None of this should have happened. If I had only known from the beginning. Correction... I not only could have stopped it, but I could have prevented it from the beginning." - Alexandra Connell

"Her and this damn situation gave me no choice. I had to protect her at all cost. No matter the consequences." - Daniel Ramsay

"The woman is insufferable. I tried to tell Kearney to stay away, but he wouldn't listen. Now my job just got ten times harder. What was he thinking? Does he not realize I care for her too? He is so reckless." - Daelan Hughes

"She needs to know the truth, but Hughes thinks drawing her in is a mistake. Mistakes be damned! She belongs in our world." - Xander Kearney

"Controlling my anger has never been easy for me. Especially when a wrong is directed at those I love. Even still I will do everything in my power to make it up to her no matter how long it takes or what I have to do." - Duncan MacAlistar

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