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                                One Woman, Two Lives, Past and Present


Alexandra Connell was only two-years-old when she was found wandering around the park at night alone. Twenty-two years later the same question still burns in the back of her mind unanswered. Where did she come from? She is a young woman with an unknown past and a future still yet to be written. Will she let her past continue to rule over her or will she become the woman she is meant to be?


                           Two Worlds, Human and Magic, Two Choices


Most humans spend their lives unaware of the true nature of the world around them. We all have one foot in the human plane and the other in the plane of magic. This plane of magic is inhabited by everything we were taught as children to be fantasy and nothing more. This is a world very few see, but is as real as you and I. For Alexandra Connell, her two worlds are about to collide.   



                                      A Modern Day Viking Warrior


Daniel Ramsay was born in Dornoch, Highlands of Scotland 1720. Making a move to the U.S. was supposed to be a welcoming change, but after meeting Alexandra, his past comes rushing back with a long-buried need to protect her at all cost. Even going against his comrade who supposedly died during The Battle of Culloden in 1745.

Welcome to My Reality is added content for the novel Dream to Reality. Here you can enter the fictional world of Dream to Reality and follow the protagonist Alexandra Connell as her story unfolds, as well as, like, share, and comment.

"I could have stopped it. None of this should have happened. If I had only known from the beginning. Correction... I not only could have stopped it, but I could have prevented it from the beginning." - Alexandra Connell

"Her and this damn situation gave me no choice. I had to protect her at all cost. No matter the consequences." - Daniel Ramsay

"The woman is insufferable. I tried to tell Kearney to stay away, but he wouldn't listen. Now my job just got ten times harder. What was he thinking? Does he not realize I care for her too? He is so reckless." - Daelan Hughes

"She needs to know the truth, but Hughes thinks drawing her in is a mistake. Mistakes be damned! She belongs in our world." - Xander Kearney

"Controlling my anger has never been easy for me. Especially when a wrong is directed at those I love. Even still I will do everything in my power to make it up to her no matter how long it takes or what I have to do." - Duncan MacAlistar

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