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Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I finally made it! It was a long and exhausting drive but here I am in Sumner, South Carolina. Tonight will be the first night in my new home, so I think I will celebrate by going out for some takeout. I think I know just the place.


Today marks the end of my first weekend in my new home and city. It has gone by somewhat uneventful. I say somewhat because during my little outing yesterday I ran into someone 'literally' on my way out of the small deli. If it hadn't been for his quick reflexes I would have hit the floor. I would describe this man for you but you wouldn't believe me.


My first day at my new job with Duncan and Donovan Law Firm started off a little strange. I had a visitor from the local police precinct before the office even opened. Let's just say that the encounter left me perplexed. The rest of the day went smoothly and I was able to make a few acquaintances from the office. Overall it was a good day.


I didn't mention it in my last post but I had a scare tonight. I found a box sitting in my kitchen when I got out of the shower and my kitchen door was ajar. The contents is a little strange. I am still trying to wrap my head around who came into my house and what the contents could mean.


After what happened last night I decided to go to my local animal shelter this morning and adopt a dog. I thought that I would leave the same way I came in, but Ace introduced me to Titus.

© E. A. Justice

*This is a work of fiction

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