Journal and Case Intertwine

Detective Hughes ... if I had to describe the man, I can only come up with one word and that word would be arrogant with a capital A. Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly have a loathing for the person? No, loathing is such a strong word. I am being unfair. I would have to say I feel distrust for Detective Hughes. Surprisingly even with his arrogance the other day, he came to me and apologized. I have to give him credit for that. Maybe our next meeting will go better since I agreed to meet him tomorrow to start over. We will see. With that aside, I've had some developments in the case. With the information Professor Quinn sent me the other day, I have compared those documents with my journal entries and find it so uncanny how accurate they intertwine together. I have been going through so many emotions lately that I don't know whether to feel scared, excited, worried, fascinated, etc... How should someone feel in such a situation? I am at a loss.


© 2020 E. A. Justice

* This is a work of fiction

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