Killers Location?

While at work today I received a manila folder with photos and printed maps with arrows pointing to different locations around the city. Some are even on the outskirts. There are even documents describing old buildings that used to be businesses that have been closed for years. After looking through these I came across one image in particular that stands out to me. It is an old abandoned hospital on the outskirts of the city. Any further out and it would be in the next county.

After work, I went by the police department to share this new information with Daelan and he assured me that the police department would handle an investigation of these locations. Suffice to say I am not one to wait around and I plan to go there tomorrow after work. This one particular location can not wait. I feel like I am being pulled towards it.


*This is a work of fiction.

© 2021 E. A. Justice

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