My Favorite Pastime (Reading)

I don't believe I have met a writer that does not enjoy reading. In all honesty I don't think one can even be considered a writer if you don't enjoy reading. Whether it be fiction or nonfiction or anything in between. I feel that reading is an essential part of a writers life. How else will you hone your skill? Learning from other writers is a great tool. For me ... I have enjoyed reading from an early age and still love it. I just fine it amazing how writers can create characters and worlds that pull you into their story. If the writer is really good you become so engrossed in the story you are transported into the books story as if you are watching it unfold. I hope to someday be able to give my readers a story so engrossing that they are talking about it for days after finishing the book.

With that being said I will close for now and I try to be more diligent in posting in the future. As far as the Feb. Newsletter I will be sending that out at the first of the month and as always if you were placed on the mailing list by accident please let me know and I will remove you asap if you no longer wish to receive the monthly newsletter.

I recently purchased the book Genesis Code by Jamie Metzl. Anyone else read it? If so what are your thoughts? I will probably start reading it this weekend.


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