The Trip

We arrived this afternoon in Lochmist N. C. The hotel we are staying at Hotel Draiocht is breathtakingly beautiful. I am in awe of its architecture. It reminds me of walking into a 16th Century Irish Castle. Not that I have visited one, but I have seen pictures. After a short rest, we decide to do a little sightseeing before we met up with Daniel's friend at the Irish Pub for a couple of drinks and to unwind from the trip. Chris overall seems like a really nice guy and he plans to travel to Sumner this spring to visit Daniel which seemed to make Daniel happy. Back at the hotel Daniel and I had dinner before retiring to our rooms. I think today was a good day considering how tired I am from the trip. I just hope tomorrow proves fruitful with the professor so we don't go back home empty-handed.


If you are curious as to the name of the hotel please check out the following link. I chose the name because the hotel enchants all those who enter.

draíocht (Irish) noun

draíocht (fem.) (genitive singular draíochta, nominative plural draíochta) druidic art, druidism witchcraft, magic; charm, enchantment

© E. A. Justice

*This is a work of fiction

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